How much are tickets?

Admission is free! We just ask that you please register before attending.

Is the festival only available to women? 

This festival will be open to everyone, regardless of gender.

Where is it?

The festival is located in Perpignan, France at the Hotel Pams.

How long is it on for?

The festival will take place from October 19-21st, 2019.

Where can I stay in Perpignan?

Please check the bottom of this page for more information about nearby hotels we have partnered with.

Do I have to pre-register to attend the workshops and panel sessions?

We prefer if you register before-hand, but feel free to show up on the day-of!

Can I have my film screened at the Festival?

We already have our films decided on for this year, but please reach out to [email protected] if you think your film would be a good fit for this festival and we will consider it for next year.

Is the film festival touring?

Unfortunately, no.

Will this be a reoccurring event?

This is the first festival of its kind and we expect it to continue in the following years!

Is there food and drink available at the festival? 

We will have coffee available every morning, and a dinner party Sunday night, but you must find your own food the rest of the time.

Is there a place I can leave my bag and coat?

Yes, we will have a coat check and lockers available.

Are there money facilities?

Not on site, but there are ATMs and banks nearby.

Is there a security check-in?


Can I bring children under 16? Will there be a nursery? 

Please email [email protected] if childcare is something you will be needing and we will certainly do our best to accommodate you! We want this event to be accessible to all caregivers.

Can we take photographs?

Yes! Please use our hashtags and follow our accounts for livestreaming at the event.

What time will the festival finish each day?

Please see our program, it will vary every day.

Question not answered? Contact us at: [email protected]