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Screening for public schools: “Malin comme une chèvre” (Smart as a goat)

  • Cinema Castillet 1 Boulevard Wilson Perpignan, Occitanie, 66000 France (map)


Goats are not just cute and somewhat comical. They are also surprisingly intelligent! What if they were as clever as dogs? Meet four of them, evolving in different environments, and discover this sensitive and clever animal.


Emma Baus

Director Bio

Emma Baus offers a tender look at domestic animals by highlighting their intelligence in "Malin comme une chèvre" (2019) and their wild origin in "Cinq petits cochons” (Five Little Pigs) (2017) and “Trois petits chats” (Three Little Cats) (2015). She also directed the documentaries "Là-haut sur la Montagne” (Up there on the Mountain) (2014), "Là-bas sur nos rivages” (Over there on our shores) (2015) and "A côtés dans nos forêts” (Beside our forests) (2016) for France 2 Grandeurs Nature and with Bertrand Loyer co-directed the trilogy "The lost worlds" (2016) for Arte.


Sylvie Randonneix - Nord-Ouest Documentaires
Diffusion France 2
Grandeurs Nature


52 min