Nature: Le Regard Féminin

Quatre jours de célébration, discussions et projections

Image by Meredith Meeks

Women are underrepresented in storytelling about nature and wildlife, traditionally the white male adventurer’s brief. Films, essays and photographs that explore the natural world have often prioritized male contributions. What is the point of view of women in this field? What does their perspective offer? Do they allow us to see things differently? Can they help us to reconnect to the species with which we share the earth?

As we enter the period of the sixth mass species extinction and a global climate crisis, the human connection with the natural world has become one of the greatest challenges of our century. With increasing evidence that human health is inextricably linked to our interaction with nature, these challenges offer a crucial opportunity for women to bring their own perspective to the portrayal of the wild world.

It is important now more than ever to give space to the female point of view.

Isabelle Dupre
Isabelle Dupre by Victor Madelaine

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