Keynote Address: Faith Briggs (Salon Rose)

October 20, 2019
04:00–05:00PM CET

18 Rue Emile Zola,

The Keynote Address

The shared stories of our land, as they exist in western society, are contextualized within a colonized lens. Decision makers in land rights, politics, and public health were a select group of white, male and monied stakeholders. Laws and regulations were made without the perspectives of historically marginalized communities. The consequences of this fact have influenced the stories we tell, how we view ourselves and our shared belief systems. Storytelling is a way of reclaiming the narrative. The environmental field and conservation community is no exception. Through storytelling, we are challenging the seats of power and retelling stories about relationships with the land. The goal is to reframe our stories to include the perspectives of women, black and indigenous communities, and other historically marginalized communities. This is not only to get to a more truthful version of history, but also to inspire greater involvement by acknowledging the existence of an ongoing legacy of diverse environmental leaders and movements.

This keynote address will discuss the challenging history of storytelling about the land and the efforts Faith Briggs and others are making to empower historically marginalized communities by reframing and retelling these narratives.