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Curiosity Stream’s Nature Through Her Eyes

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Episode 1: Call of the Wild

Childhood curiosity can build a lifelong passion for the natural world. What is special about women’s connection to the wild? And what can their unique vision teach us all?

The women in this film fell in love with the spectacle of nature as kids, but social perceptions and stereotypes often prevented them from furthering their relationships with the wild. This episode shows how nature is a place for women too and how important it is that they claim that space. The beauty and freedom that women have found in the natural world, has led them to champion its protection.

Episode 2: Who tells the story?

A Hopi Indian proverb says, “Those who tell the stories rule the world.” Many of nature’s greatest champions are women. Can their storytelling help restore balance to a troubled world?

This episode explores what story telling about nature from a feminine point of view might be. How a feminine perspective on experience can be used to explore areas of the natural world that we have not given much consideration in the past, how it might also be a way of getting access to a closed society or experience. Many of nature’s greatest champions are women. Can their storytelling help us understand nature and human society better? Can their vision help us restore balance to a troubled world?

Episode 3: Climbing the Mountain

Our stories of the wilderness have traditionally been told by white men. But in recent decades pioneering women have overcome external and internal obstacles to make their voices heard.

Does society allow women to tell stories about nature and wildlife? To be able to do so, they need access. This film in the series focuses on the obstacles faced by women story tellers. Sorority and female friendships mean women today are helping each other through the door and with the stakes concerning the environment as high as they are, we have never been at a more critical time to ensure that stories about the natural world must reach out and engage all segments of the population.

Episode 4: One World

What can men learn from a feminine approach to storytelling in nature? Is creative collaboration possible across approaches that appear very different? This film in the series explores how true collaboration and shared experience can enrich those involved and the end result.