Lectures d’auteures suivies d’une projection courts métrages documentaire

October 20, 2019
05:30–07:00PM CET

1 Boulevard Wilson,

Les intervenants qui ont pris la parole devant le groupe de rédaction de Nature Writing plus tôt ce matin, ainsi que les invités, liront une sélection de leurs œuvres. Différents courts métrages seront projetés après leur lecture.

Short Films

“I follow rivers”


This piece is a personal exploration of the perceived/false distinction that exists between humanity and nature, as well as coming to terms with the mortality of the natural world.


Tessa Ellie Schmidt


9 min 56 sec

Other Screenings

Anchorage International Film Festival
The Sitka Whalefest Cinefest— won Alaska Ocean Observing System film contest: creative category

“Nature Love Stories”


The ocean is our backyard and its creatures aren’t hidden in the depths and darkness of the sea. Whales, seals and many others are experiencing their life just like us, they rely oxygen just like we do, they sing, they love they dance and cry just like we do.

Through sharing stories of nature, we seek to highlight the creatures of the ocean and our shared experience of life. Using video and sound, we share nature love stories and explore the human connection to the environment with the aim to encourage individuals to venture into their own backyards, both above and below the water.


Michaela Skovranova



Music Composer

Troels Thomasen


Andy Hatton


3 min 2 sec

“Le tombeau des épuisés”


On the frigate Hermione, a tale retraces the links that unite migratory birds to sailors.


Marion Fernandez


5 min 44 s

Other Screenings

  • Festival International Nature Namur, 2018 (Belgique)
  • Festival International du Film Ornithologique Ménigoute, 2018 (France)
  • Festival Fredd, 2019 (France)
  • Retours du Monde – Festival de Films de voyage et d’aventure vécue, 2019 (France)
  • Festival Nature Ain Hauteville-Lompnes, 2019 (France)
  • Conservation Optimism Summit 2019, 2019
  • Festival Film Bahari, 2019 (Indonésie)
  • Aspen Mountain Film Festival, 2019 (Colorado, US)
  • Festival du Film Vert – Orbe, 2019 (France)