Kuishi na Simba – Living with Lions

Erica Francis Rugabandana is Tanzania’s first black, female nature and wildlife cinematographer and director.

Currently in the making of her first fiction film for Curiosity Stream, Kuishi na Simba revolves around the human – wildlife conflict between lions and villagers in Ikoma, close to the Serengeti.

Home to 40% of the world’s remaining wild lions, Tanzania is considered a leader in lion conservation. However, their survival is threatened – 60% of them live outside of protected areas, where they are vulnerable to major conflict with humans.

Erica aims to present the film on National Television and in remote communities to raise public awareness at a national and local level. Ultimately the goal is to stimulate dialogue among stakeholder groups (government, conservationists, scholars, pastoralists, tourism industry) encouraging action and better management fo this conflict.