“What Could Possibly Go Wrong?” (Salon Rose)

Women photographers, filmmakers, and authors often have an education that lacks any legal training. They begin their artistic professions as freelancers or on short term contracts. This discussion will be led by two lawyers, one French and the other English-speaking and offers a basic understanding of rights and contracts. It will address challenges particular to […]

“Inventory and Exchange, the State of Affairs” (Salon Jaune)

How can we overcome obstacles to make women’s work about nature better funded and more visible? What are the budgets allocated to women in the television industry, the publishing world, and the world of photography? What are the possible problems and prejudices encountered and how have these industries changed over time? Established industry professionals will […]

Michelle Bruce

Michelle Bruce

With over 25 years of experience, Michelle Bruce is a highly respected business affairs consultant, specializing in the provision of production, distribution and broadcast advice to the global television industry. Through her consultancy Belle Vie TV, she has supported international clients for the past 6 years. Previously, Michelle was Deputy MD of a legal agency […]