“Inventory and Exchange, the State of Affairs” (Salon Jaune)

How can we overcome obstacles to make women’s work about nature better funded and more visible? What are the budgets allocated to women in the television industry, the publishing world, and the world of photography? What are the possible problems and prejudices encountered and how have these industries changed over time? Established industry professionals will […]

“The Feminine Perspective” (Salon Rose)

What is particular about the perspective that women bring to films, photographs, writing and art about nature and the wild world? Are there subjects that interest women, which are not addressed by men? Do women look at the wild world differently? This panel will explore the unique, innovative, and often collaborative approach women creators employ […]

Vanessa Berlowitz

Vanessa Berlowitz

Vanessa Berlowitz co-founded Wildstar Films in 2018 after 28 years of running teams and making award winning wildlife films and documentaries. She is currently an Executive Producer on a number of new series for National Geographic Channel and is working on a film with her husband, Mark Linfield, for Disneynature. Vanessa spent the first 24 years […]