Catherine Nadin

Cat Nadin is a Zoologist with a Masters of Research in Evolution and Behaviour. For her masters project she studied communication in large groups of feeding humpback whales (termed ‘super-groups’) off of the west coast of South Africa. After her masters she carried on working with Sea Search Research and Conservation as a Research Assistant, during this time she has also focused on developing her science communication skills. – ‘As a Zoologist with a huge desire to conserve our natural world, I feel it is incredibly important for humanity to connect with the natural world and, to do so, we must first understand it. This is why I think that science communication plays a huge role in the conservation of our planet, and wish to narrow the gap between scientific and public knowledge through better and more valuable science communication.’ – She also works as the Public Engagement Manger for Investable Oceans, a company with a mission to bring sustainable, market-based capital to the oceans to work towards a more sustainable blue economy.