Erica Rugabandana

Wildlife Cinematographer  

I am a wildlife cinematographer from Tanzania, with a background in wildlife conservation and community development. I believe in the power of film to tell stories about wildlife and their interaction with people. Stories that create awareness, impart knowledge and lead to positive changes among individuals and communities, but also changes in policies.

I’m currently working on my film project about human-lion conflict with support from the American Streamer Curiosity Stream.

For three (3) years now, my film career has received a major boost with under the mentorship from a wildlife cinematographer (Justine Evans – Wildstar films) and Producer Jacqueline Farmer of Saint Thomas Productions. These are great opportunities to further my skills of handling cameras, looking for and taking captivating shots in the field. I enjoy working in the wild, capturing animal behaviors and interactions using the RED Camera with Long lens (CN 20, Nikon 800mm).

With this material, I put together stories of wild animal behaviors in association with human livelihoods, an angle that I find important to explore for the sustainability of our wildlife.