Katya Ignatiev

Currently finishing studying an MA in Wildlife Filmmaking at UWE in Bristol, Katya hopes get stuck in the wildlife film and photography industry. She aspires to be a wildlife camerawoman, specialising in long lens camerawork and drone. She previously lived and worked in India as a wildlife ranger and safari guide, for a company called SUJÁN Sher Bagh heading the field team, managing the guides and hosting at camp. She then moved to SUJÁNs other camp in Jawai and was the first female ranger there. She headed the camp’s camera trap programme. Her day to day would be to take clients out on game drives and show them leopards in the surrounding area which also extended to the cultural and religious aspects of the community. She is also holds the rank of lieutenant of the all female volunteer corps First Aid Nursing Yeomanry which supports the British Army and Civil Service in times of crisis.