Wanda Von Bremen

Wanda von Bremen is a visual artist, photographer and ecologist investigating new visual communication strategies on how to transformatively address the most pressing ecological questions of our time. Her art work wishes to form a new and profound appreciation for nature that will raise interest in its conservation, create awareness and unveiling that every organism is part of an interconnected system. Both of her degrees in Photography and Conservation combined allow her to work in the intersection between conservation and communication. Wanda won competitions supporting alternative storytelling and got exhibited in the ICP Museum and the Local Gallery in New York. She took part in the Residency from EV_Largo “Possible Futures” as well as an artist residency from Estudio Abierto in Oaxaca, Mexico and La Wayka Current, Panama. She participated in the mentorship program” Environmental Photography“ from NATIVE Agency. Currently she is doing her MA in Ecology Futures at the St. Joost university in the Netherlands.